Your ultimate tool for workflow optimization.

HS-QUEUE® automagically queues your mail requests.

HS-DUMPSTER® keeps your mailbox clean.

Protect your mailbox from NTBF requests.


Always keep track of your mail requests and automagically queue them for your next session.1


Our advanced non-AI based technology helps you to keep your mailbox clean from unwanted messages.2

NTBF protection

Never waste time on NTBF requests! They will be immediately processed by our NTBF spooler.3

This is an invitation-only service.

Improve your life using our patented workflows!

Important details to know:

  • No more worries about overloaded mailboxes.
  • Save time using our auto-remove features.
  • Let holy-shit handle unwanted mails.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Sleep well – we manage the rest.

1 mail → /dev/queue

2 mail → /dev/dumpster

3 NTBF® Never To Be Finished: mail → /dev/null

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